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Gifts For Men

Do you need something to celebrate the special man in your life? Whether it’s your brother, father, grandfather, son, grandson, husband, boyfriend, partner, or even a great friend, colleague, or boss, we’ve got the right gifts to celebrate your favourite bloke.We offer a range of gifts for men ranging from individual treats to luxurious collections if you have an exceptional celebration or big birthday party planned for your guy.

Don’t see the right thing for his tastes? We also offer custom gift boxes to make sure you tick off everything on his wishlist. So if you’d like to add some personalised appeal to your gift for him, want gift ideas for the man in your life or have any questions about our gift boxes for men, just get in touch with us at

Our Men’s Gift Line

We have an extensive range of gifts on offer for the man in your life. Choose from a carefully curated line of gifts for men designed to appeal to a wide range of blokes, or create a bespoke box. You’ll get to customise it down to the finest details – even the colour of the ribbon that keeps it sealed!

Gifts For Men

Our gifts for the guys come in stylish, reusable gift boxes and contain a tear-away card with a personalised message and photo. All of our gifts come beautifully presented with white, pink or navy tissue paper and optional wood shavings.

Every one of our gifts for men is hand-made with loving care, and they’re sure to thrill him – whether it’s a special day or you just want to show him how much he means to you.

A Quick And Easy Way To Show You Care

It’s not always easy to find the best gifts for your favourite guys. Before settling for ties or underwear, have a look through our range of gifts on offer. When he unwraps these beautifully sealed boxes, he’s sure to be delighted with the indulgent selection within.

Our selection of men’s gifts includes:

Food and Drink

Delicious, creamy, smooth caramel fudge, indulgent black teas in beautiful pyramid silken sachets – we have all sorts of delightful food and drink gifts that are sure to satisfy his tastebuds.

We also stock some of the best luxury chocolates in flavours including pure, creamy milk chocolate and intense, 70% cacao Papua New Guinea beans with a strong hint of cinnamon, honey and summer fruits. We even have a delightful bar made from 70% PNG cacao with lovely chunks of sea salted caramel. Other culinary gifts include white sugared almonds, gummy bears made with bubbly, and the unique Kiwi flavours of floral strawberry and champagne in tablet form.

Beer Opener

This clever little magnetised beer opener comes with two magnets – one to attach it to a fridge door and another to hold the cap once it comes off your bottle of IPA. That means that he won’t have to hunt for it on the floor. That’s what makes these gifts ideal for guys who love travel or camping.


He’ll smell as good as he feels with this organic goats milk soap from Gruff. It comes with smooth coconut oil that will keep his skin hydrated and supple. The large size of these bars will keep him clean for longer, and the calming scents of lavender, sage and bergamot featured in these gifts will turn bath time into spa time.


Make accessories steal the spotlight with these clever socks. Created with 69% combined cotton, 30% nylon and 1% spandex, they’ll stay comfortable all day long. They fit Men’s shoe sizes 7-12 and come with three fun sayings perfect for your best mates or fun colleagues.


No gifts for him would be complete without cards that tell him what he means to you. Show him how close he is to your heart with these boxes of 30 exciting pop-open cards. They come with timeless messages to delight and brighten his spirits and make any day that much better.

Swiss Army Knives

With these incredible pocket knives, your fellow will have everything he needs for his day to day adventures. We have 7-tool blades from legendary brand Victorinox and 12-tool Spartan pocket knives for your favourite hiker or handyman.

With long and short blades, corkscrews, can openers, screwdrivers, nail files, toothpicks, tweezers and more, they’re everything your guy will need in a single, convenient package.

Grooming Supplies

No collection of gifts for men would be complete without an excellent range of grooming products. We have delightful facial scrubs, moisturisers and beard grooming products that will make his skin feel supple, lush and smoother than ever before.

A Quick And Easy Way To Show You Care

Our gifts include products from leading brands Dark Heart Grooming and Triumph & Disaster. Dark Heart Grooming’s Men’s Arabica facial scrub features indulgent almond oil to help shed impurities. Its fair trade coffee grounds will slough off dry skin and high UMF manuka honey will leave him feeling moisturised afterwards.

If he has a beard, he’ll love Dark Heart Grooming’s coffee and leather beard balm and beard oil. The balm features a powerful hold that will help him style his facial hair. Fairtrade Arabica beans are meticulously infused into extra virgin olive oil to create a beard oil that smells richly of coffee and is potent with beneficial properties for beard and skin.

His skin will stay protected from the elements with Triumph & Disaster’s Gameface moisturiser. It’s designed to be light on the skin, allowing it to be easily absorbed. Featuring such powerful natural ingredients as Jojoba extract, Horopito oil, Ponga fern and essential oils, it delivers a delightful, masculine fragrance in a nutrient-rich cream that will leave skin feeling like new.

Candles and Room Fragrances

Invigorating citrus lemongrass with fresh ginger or sweet pea and jasmine – the candles and room fragrance gifts we have will create a refreshing environment where he can relax after even the most challenging days.


Delight the chef in your life with these exceptional pieces of kitchen and glassware from po ‘di fame, including beautiful, double-walled Highland whiskey glasses, stemless stainless steel wine glasses or even a stylish hip flask.

Does he love to entertain? Help him take the party to the next level with a six-piece po ‘di fame stainless steel cheese knife set.

Travel Grooming Kits

Triumph & Disaster’s ‘Road Less Travelled Kit’ features a range of natural grooming products in a beautiful olive canvas bag. These accessories are excellent for quick indulgence when he’s on the road or to take his camping experience to the next level. They even feature an organic cotton face cloth, ensuring he’ll keep well-groomed at all times.

These are only a few of the many exciting gifts we have here at Joie. If you’d like ideas for a gift box or want advice on putting together the best gifts for a man in your life, get in touch with us at

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