Who is Joie?


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Joie is the creation of Ange G and Ang B,  it’s the French spelling for ‘joy’ as every little box of joie sparks happiness. Joie is a culmination of our life experiences, personality, a love of giving and lots of hard work.

The experience of opening a box of joie is just like receiving an ‘old-school’ letter in the post – it’s personal, and joie is bringing the personal touch back to gifting.

For Ang B it all started when Grandma would pick her up on Christmas day in her angel costume, glitter wand in hand, and take her around the hospital giving out presents. Ange G’s Grandma would sit with her making 3D flower cards, small boxes and painting scenery on camping trips.

We met 5 years ago when Ang B moved into the same street as Ange G and it didn’t take long for us to see we had a special connection. Living on a cul-de-sac and each having two children the same age, our friendship grew as we watched our kids play, often with a glass of wine in hand, we laughed, cried and supported each other through all the ups and downs of motherhood and life. These shared experiences formed a strong foundation, and after many years in successful corporate roles, the realisation came that success means something slightly different to us now.

As working mothers we were wearing many hats and juggling many balls, when it came to buying presents for friends and family it was usually last minute and stressful. And so Joie was born.

Combining perseverance, positivity, creativity and attention to detail we knew we had a recipe for something very special. We wanted the process of buying the gift to be just as fun as receiving it, a gift that showed someone had taken the time to think of them and showed they cared.

It doesn’t take much to make someone smile, and for us we get to do it every day. When an order comes in we get so excited, from printing the personal message and photo to selecting that special gift and packaging up our little box of joie.

We love that we can make a difference by creating moments of joy in others’ lives. Thanks for coming on our journey of creating a little more joy in the world. #sharethejoie


Our Partners

We are lucky enough to work with some pretty amazing businesses across New Zealand and abroad.

We hand pick all our gorgeous products focusing on locally made and products that will spark a little happiness when opening a box of joie.  

Molly Woppy

Molly Woppy is a family owned artisan food company, passionate about our baking.
We love using classic recipes with fresh modern flavours, to create cookies you’ll crave and treats to treasure – for gourmet food lovers everywhere.

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Right from the beginning our philosophy was to source all our cacao beans from farmers in the Pacific Islands. Today, we still visit our suppliers and ensure they’re paid a fair price for their beans. The beans are shipped directly to New Zealand and then every step of the hands-on bean-to-bar process is done under one roof at our small factory.

Founded by Brigit Blair in 1995 in Christchurch, New Zealand Linden Leaves is an internationally recognised brand known for its natural everyday luxury handmade products. Devoted to effective, natural products created from the best quality ingredients, Brigit’s vision for Linden Leaves has always been focused on beautiful, effective and gentle products to nourish the skin and soothe the soul.

Kasbah Design is a boutique creative studio based in Auckland, New Zealand. Kas lovingly hand makes all her products in small batches using 100% natural soy wax.

LilyBee Wrap is the creation of Stacia and Miko from the beautiful Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.

They believe in the good in people, in the collective consciousness and how each choice we make as individual’s effects the whole. With their baby in tow they hand select all their gorgeous fabric to do good by the environment and bring a little more beauty to our kitchen and lives.


An awesome family business operating in Canterbury, New Zealand, Jo and Rods honey is made of 100% Natural Honey. As true to the floral source the honeybee has foraged, they bring to you unique single varietal honey.

Enjoy real flavours of premium New Zealand honey. Taste the difference of Happy Bees living in Native NZ forests.

The sweet taste of home since 1990

For decades, The Fudge Cottage has been handcrafting the finest artisan fudge from a traditional family recipe. Fresh New Zealand milk and cream are combined with carefully selected natural ingredients to create confections that satisfy the senses and bring a smile to the lips.

Remember the time when there weren’t any footpaths, just grass that merged with the melting asphalt roads?

Moana Rd is a New Zealand brand that celebrates a foregone time when life was simple & Hokey Pokey ice creams were ‘big as’.

A time when baches were simple boxes surrounded by huge lawns for BYC (Back Yard Cricket) and kids entertained themselves for weeks on end without a device in sight.

A time when Doctors lived next door to Plumbers and an overseas trip was taken on the Picton Ferry or the Waiheke Quickcat.

Moana Rd products tap into that NZ of old with an eclectic mix of quirky, old-school Kiwiana.

Lyttelton Lights

Lyttelton Lights is an artisan producer of luxury scented candles, handcrafted with care from all natural ingredients in Lyttelton, New Zealand. From humble beginnings to a product of the highest quality, with passion and dedication Laura has developed and grown the brand, elevating the look and design to truly reflect eth luxury product it is.

Both Stella and Gemma reside in New York and are the inspiration for the fresh, new jewellery and fashion range. Started in 2011, selling an innovative range of jewellery and expanding into fashion, they are constantly providing something original, on-trend and innovative.

Ahhh Cosmetics products are fun, vibrant and smell divine whist leaving you feeling relaxed and your skin soft and nourished.

Ahhh Cosmetics stand for everything that commercially made soap doesn’t. Beautifully handcrafted and 100% made in NZ, using natural or organic ingredients.

Max and Nathan are all about the good of nature, tradition and you. Their organic, natural grooming products for men are made in New Zealand from locally sourced ingredients, they believe less is best, but by using a unique combination of organic ingredients, means less doesn’t have to be boring. Their range of soaps let a bit more nature and goodness into your life. So you can get clean, smell good and take on the world. Simple.

Anoint is a boutique skincare company based in Kerikeri, in the beautiful Bay of Islands, New Zealand.

Founded on the belief that nature knows best, their ingredients are all natural and hand crafted in small batches using gorgeous, unique designs with boutique touches.

Räder creates emotions and design.
Designed in Germany Rader products are love, devotion and 100 percent their own. Rader aims to awake your inspiration and joie de vivre with every single one of its items. Created with love and made by hand.


Victorinox – more than 130 Years of Passion

Ever since it was established over 130 years ago, Victorinox’s consistent focus has been on tradition, quality and innovation. The philosophy of the family company is based on solid values that ensure continuous growth.

Our story begins with that simple question. Excited to discover the answer, we started to dream up tangible ways to add hope and unexpected delight to each day. Soon, our first pop-open cards were born —small window cards with thoughtful messages hidden inside.

All of us have the power to inspire meaningful moments, even with small acts and simple gestures. Through our products, we hope to create opportunities to sprinkle goodness around you—and make the world a little brighter.

34 years Ago in Salisbury, Connecticut, proprietor of the historic White Hart Inn, John Harney developed a passion for fine teas.

Harney & Sons builds on a commitment to deliver customers the finest quality tea possible. Today, three generations of Harneys are preserving John’s tradition of fine tea and traveling the world in search of the best ingredients.

Stellar have been involved in lighting for years and are still amazed at what lighting can do to enhance moments and places. Now their passion for lighting has moved to design the Stellar range, to compliment the big and the small of those moments and places. We love them all.

Making smart people smile since 1985

Anne Taintor is an artist whose themes deal with domestic stereotypes, as viewed through the lens of mid-century advertisements

More than sixty years of heritage and three generations of potters. Robert Gordon is one of Australia’s last large scale potteries and have been manufacturing high fired stoneware for over 25 years. Proud of its past, its future is fired with imagination.

Proud designers and manufacturers of life-improving, joy-bringing products since 1988. Blue Q products are fun, irreverent, and a portion of the sales contribute to non-profits all over the world

Based in Pittsflied Blue Q just want you to be happy.

Sharing a common passion for the life and works of William Morris, Tanya Wolfkamp and Henri Stone joined forces in 2012. They believe every object deserves equal consideration however humble and everybody should be able to own beautiful things regardless of their budget.

While Tanya works daily at her Waiheke Island studio, Henri is a more restless soul flitting constantly between Auckland and Melbourne.